HyperAlert is the premier provider of critical information systems. Our enterprise software products are renowned for their ease-of-use, power and flexibility.

HyperAlert's Clarion notification engine distributes and receives information from thousands of recipients within minutes. Customers use Clarion along with our robust Plans module to manage emergency response. HyperAlert received a patent for this novel integration.

Our systems allow customers to accomplish business objectives by taking advantage of the increasingly wide availability of multiple communications devices, like cell phones and PDAs. Our constant focus on the end-user's experience means that our systems are intuitive, friendly and easy-to-use, allowing and encouraging frequent use. The purchase of a HyperAlert Product Suite means that efficient communications management will impact the organization's bottom line every day, not just when an emergency strikes. If an emergency should arise, HyperAlert users, empowered by their daily use of the system, will act with confidence and speed to protect the organization's interests.

Realizing the broad applicability of the Clarion technology, a system ideal for any group or organization needing to rapidly communicate with large groups of people, HyperAlert offers product suite editions suitable for community and non-profit groups, schools, small and large businesses, municipalities and large government agencies.

As a company, HyperAlert is dedicated to ongoing innovation, superior customer service and reliability, and providing the best products to help clients manage their critical information. Now.