HyperAlert's unique, integrated approach to critical information management enables our customers both to expand their daily operational responsiveness and be prepared for the most difficult situations they may face.

  • With systems that are both geographically and technically redundant, HyperAlert products offer an exceptionally high degree of reliability.

  • Our infrastructure automatically scales to meet any level of response required from local to global applications. The Clarion notification platform can manage thousands of contacts in an extremely efficient timeframe and execute multiple plans simultaneously. We meet your needs during a crisis and every day with applications that help your organization run more efficiently-all with unparalleled ease of use.

  • Our commitment to superior customer service and continued innovation provides you with the easiest, fastest, most reliable and accurate way to manage all your critical information. Now.

HyperAlert Product Suites
With a number of Product Suites available, HyperAlert has a solution that will fit your organization's needs perfectly.

  • HyperAlert Community Edition
  • HyperAlert Small Business Edition
  • HyperAlert Corporate Edition
  • HyperAlert Enterprise Edition
  • HyperAlert Government Edition

Flexible, Modular Approach
HyperAlert's modular approach allows our customers to decide which applications fit their specific organizational requirements. We conform to and address our customers' needs instead of requiring our customers to conform to us. HyperAlert also provides custom development as necessary to seamlessly integrate our product suite with customer business applications.

System Options: Hosted or Licensed
HyperAlert is available both in a secure, web-based hosted environment (ASP), where we maintain all the infrastructure necessary to operate the system, and as a licensed product, where customers install and manage HyperAlert in their IT environments.